Mill Games has signed a contract to provide marketing services for Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge for Xbox consoles. The company, derived from the Movie Games capital group, cooperates with the Rikodu studio as a global publisher of its games in versions for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. In addition, Mill Games and the Movie Games team will be responsible for promoting the title. The premiere of the game with the working title Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. There are also plans to rebrand the title and a new visual identity that will allow the game to expand its reach.

In January 2022, Mill Games became the publisher of Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation. Now, the studio has signed an agreement to support the game as a publishing partner also for the Xbox platform, thanks to which Mill Games will gain publishing experience and will participate in sales profits on all console platforms.

  • We are happy to be involved in publishing Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge for all console platforms. We want to reach an even wider group of players and build awareness of our brand among users of all platforms. Frankie’s Revenge is the perfect first title because it allows us to use the high potential of couch / online co-op games, which are especially popular on consoles – comments Dariusz Wais, CEO of Mill Games.

Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge is a cooperative twin-stick shooter game in which players form a team of robots constructed from parts of home appliances. The team’s task is to face a horde of robots controlled by an alien civilization. Each bot can be fully personalized, emphasizing the character of the player through countless skins, weapons, and parts. Frankie’s Revenge is also a puzzle game, where finding the solution becomes a challenge during demanding fights with the enemy.

  • Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge is in the final stages of production. It is worth recalling that the game is created strictly for the local and online co-op mode, which is why we see special potential in the console version. This assumption is confirmed by the sales successes achieved on consoles by similar games, such as Overcooked or Polish Tools Up! We are convinced that thanks to our activities Frankie’s Revenge will join this group. To further increase the potential of the title and its range, we are preparing to rebrand it – adds Dariusz Wais.

The Romanian studio Rikodu is responsible for the production of Second Hand: Frankie’s Revenge. The premiere of the final version of the game is scheduled for the second quarter of this year, while the Early Access version of the game was released earlier, which received a positive opinion from players. Their feedback has been used to introduce improvements for the premiere of the console version.

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