Mill Games

Mill Games, is a joint venture company, which will focus on the  gamedev market. Founders of the Mill games are Warsaw-based Movie Games publisher and INC Investments & Consulting.



we are

Movie Games is a Polish game developer and publisher, listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange’s alternative investment market, NewConnect. The company was established in 2016 by game enthusiasts with experience in the financial, gaming, and media sectors.


INC is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, dynamically developing its capital group operating in the area of investment and advisory services in the Polish and Romanian financial market. INC is consistently maintaining an unquestionable position among the top NewConnect Authorized Advisers in Poland.


Three pillars of

our activity

Original indie projects funding
(indie, rpg, tycoons, managers, simulators, survivals, on PC & consoles)

(via Movie Games, PR / marketing / publishing)

Business development (arranging orders for Romanian devs, work-for-hire, companies development, transformation into joint stock companies and stock exchange debuts)

Got an idea for a game?

Make it happen with us!

What are we

investing in?

We are searching for companies and start-ups at any stage of development, even those that are currently just at the level of an idea. Mill Games also invite to collaborate already existing studios that are looking for new projects and ideas for games. Our fields of interest are indie games, simulators, tycoons, and every single creative idea. We will invest either in individual titles or directly in independent studios.