Are you based in the US or Canada (NOA regions) and already own a game from Mill Games or All in! Games? Now you can save up to 90% thanks to our latest deal! Check below to see if you qualify for the Owners Discount.

How to get the Nintendo Owners Discount:

If you own Robo Revenge Squad, you can save 90% on Tools Up! and 50% on Lumberhill.

If you own Tools Up! or Lumberhill on Nintendo Switch, you can get the just-released Robo Revenge Squad from Mill Games at 30% off.

Take advantage of this great deal and grab your new favorite game by September 26.

🤖 Robo Revenge Squad is a co-op action game for 1-4 players in which everything is a weapon to fight alien robots.


⚒️ Tools Up! is an exciting local co-op that tests your renovation and teamwork skills. Paint walls, tear off wallpaper, and move couches against the clock!


🌲 Lumberhill is a crazy multiplayer party game in which lumberjacks try to complete tasks with nature fighting them every step of the way.


Stay tuned for more upcoming deals and discounts!

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